Our Story

AACARDI: (a-kär-de) N.     

    In the beginning, Zeus summoned the Council of Gods, the Pantheon, on Mount Olympus. He Ordered the council to create beauty to enrich the planet and enhance life for all living things. The Gods decided that the eyes and hearts of man held the key to beauty on Earth. Therefore, a Council of Human Beings was selected by the Gods. This council was placed on the Island of Aacardi to conceive and create all that is beautiful.


 Aacardi the Salon has served as Tampa Bay's largest full service salon for more than 33 years. Our premier services are provided by a team of the highest educated stylists and artists in the industry. The collective mission, vision and passion of this team is to provide highly personalized and consistent high quality services to ensure anyone that sits in our chairs to feel beautiful and confident that their hair, skin and nails are shining from the inside out for the world to see.... Because we believe when you feel beautiful you look beautiful.